Karie - 2021 Riverbend Senior

I am not sure I have had anyone in all my years of doing this that is more meticulous in planning their sessions. Between Karie and her Mom, they nail her shoots every time. The planning, preparation, searching for the perfect outfit and props makes my photographer heart so happy.

I try and express this to my girls all the time. The more effort and planning you put into your sessions, the more you will love them. If you are haphazard and throw stuff together last minute, you feel rushed, unorganized and less prepared.

Karie prepares her outfits right down to the nail polish that will match everything she has chosen. It is absolutely incredible and her photos come out amazing every single time. Of course it doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous!

Enjoy some of my favorites from her Fall session. I am just dying to see what she chooses for Spring. xoxo